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Drysuit Repairs

You know your drysuit is safe in our hands... We have been repairing drysuits at SDS for over 20 years!

All of the repair work we carry out is guaranteed by us as we always use original parts or parts of the same very high quality.

If you have any questions about drysuit repairs, please don't hesitate to ring our shop or contact John directly:

Drysuit Parts & Repairs Price List
Wrist Seals SRP £
Standard Coned Latex (OSFA) £61.00
Heavy Duty Coned Latex £66.00
Heavy Duty Latex Bottle £66.00
Neoprene £73.00
Neck Seals  
Latex Remove and Replace £61.00
Heavy Duty Coned Latex £73.00
Neoprene Remove And Replace £73.00
Glove & Cuff Ring Systems  
Kubi Cuff Ring System
(Supplied & fitted including 1 pair of latex cuffs, To include silicone cuffs add £10.00)
Kubi Glove Ring System
(Supplied & fitted including 1 pair of latex cuffs, gloves and liners, To include silicone cuffs add £10.00)
Kubi Standard Glove System
(For Use With Your Existing Latex Cuffs)
Waterproof Quick Neck System
(Supplied & fitted including 1 silicone seal)

Silicone Cuffs (Pair) £24.00
Silicone Neck (Spare seal only) £24.00
Boots & Socks  
6mm Neoprene Boots £132.00
4mm Neoprene Socks £132.00
Scubapro Boot Change £132.00
Latex Socks Remove and Replace £66.00
Latex Ankle Seals Remove and Replace £66.00
Drysuit Zips  
Main Zipper (Front or Rear) Standard Weight £175.00
Main Zipper (Front or Rear) Standard Weight Santi £193.00
YKK Plastic Zipper Remove & Replace £209.00
Convenience Zipper Remove and Replace £154.00
Remove and Patch Convenience Zipper £80.00
Leak Testing  
Leak Test £27.50
Aquaseal Repair (per Patch) £8.00 per patch
Membrane Patch Repair (per Patch) £14.00
Miscellaneous Suit & BC Repairs    
Rubber Dimpled Kneepads Fitted £66.00
Braces Fitted £50.00
Warm Neck Collar £50.00
Shorten Drysuit Arms/Legs POA
Shorten Wetsuit Arms/Legs POA
Wetsuit Repairs POA
BC Repairs POA
Harness and Webbing Etc. £33.00 Per Hour
Install Zip/Velcro Pocket on Neoprene Suit £61.00
Install Zip/Velcro Pocket On Membrane Suit £77.00
Fit Pocket Customer Supplies on Neoprene £33.00
Fit Pocket Customer Supplies on Membrane £47.00
Halcyon Explorer Pockets Supplied and Fitted £149.00
Removal of Old Pockets + £5.50
Pee Valves  
Fit Valve Only £44.00
Remove and Patch Valve £55.00
Supply and Fit Halcyon Balanced Valve £270.00
Supply and Fit Inflation Valve £50.00
Supply and Fit Semi Auto Dump £77.00
Supply and Fit Cuff Dump £33.00
Move Valve and Patch Old Hole £50.00


For any Repair inquiries please contact John directly or ring the shop: